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The Unique MySpot 500/510

Design challenges and Solutions

The MySpot 500 and the MySpot 510 share a mechanical platform.  These are advanced products made to look simple and elegant from the outside.  This page provides a look inside.

The design challenges we faced included keeping a low profile for the housing, to allow even low-slung cars to drive over the unit when it is in the "un-obstruct" mode.  Our research found that 99% of the cars on the road have a road clearance of just below 4" (90 mm).  The MySpot 510 (and MySpot 500) lowered height is only 3" (76mm).

Another goal was to allow 10,000 up/down cycles on 5 standard D alkaline batteries.  None of the competing products on the market come even close.  A review showed that they all use worm gears to drive the barriers up and down.  Worm gears have high friction losses and are less than 30% efficient.  Replacing the worm gear with a direct drive made our unit at least 3 times as efficient, meaning that the battery can last that much much longer.  More details are available in our issued US patent 9,464,392.

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