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HTm Remote Controller

The remotes featured in this page are fully compatible with our MySpot 500 and MySpot 200 parking barriers.

HTm remote control fob controls MySpot 500
HTm remote fob


The HTm fob controls up to 9 MySpot parking barriers, individually.  This is the standard fob supplied in the MySpot 500 kit (2 per kit).  Up to 15 fobs can control one barrier.

A blue LED indicates proper operation when any of the 3 keys is pressed.  When the internal batteries run low, the LED will stop operating.

The HTm provides an extended control range, when compared with the original HT433 that was supplied with the MySpot 200 and MySpot 500.  The HTm is fully compatible with the MySpot 200 as well.

For programming (pairing) instructions, see the owner's manual for the MySpot 500 or MySpot 200.

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