MySpot 500 Parking Barrier

MySpotTM 500 is a self-contained, remote controlled barrier. The system is battery powered and restricts unauthorized access to parking spaces, driveways and access ramps, while providing the convenience of remote control to authorized vehicles.

MySpot 500 is our  latest product offering.  Designed from the ground up, it incorporates the latest technology in battery power management, motor power control and software to offer 2-3 years of operation without replacing the internal alkaline batteries. This eliminates the need to connect the device to an electrical power source, or the bulk and cost of batteries with solar panel recharging.  The unit is supplied with 2 HTm remote control fobs and hardware for installation to masonry surfaces.  Installation kits for asphalt surfaces are available (AK-4).

Installation is simple and fast – no digging or site preparation is required.  The unit is shipped pre-assembled in one piece.  Drill 4 holes in the surface and attach the unit and the MS500 is ready for use.

The MySpot 500 is in stock in NJ (orders of 50 and less) and in our facility in Shenzhen China.  Press for prices and availability.  The MySpot 500 is covered by US Patent # 9,464,392

For an inside look at the MySpot 500, click here.